Be the Best (Dressed) Version of Yourself

Be your best (dressed) self. Every day when I wake up, get dressed and do my hair and make up, it’s sort of like a precious gift I get to give myself. For years, I’ve found it really important to set my alarm a tad bit earlier each morning to set apart time for prayer and meditation but now I add a little extra to care for my body.

I really believe that feeling beautiful changes your perspective on the whole day. Your head is held just a little higher, you make time for your friends and relationships and you walk in confidence, knowing you’re ready for just about anything! Honestly, I find myself screening phone calls, canceling lunch plans and staying in my house when I look like a mess. Have you ever noticed this?!

I have had tons of women tell me they are joining me in the quest to be the best version of themselves everyday and that gives me such JOY! I believe fashion isn’t necessarily the newest trends, the coolest shoes or the most expensive bags but rather wearing clothes that fit and make you feel good about yourself. For so long I would neglect myself and my appearance but I have noticed that my best days are those that I throw on some of my favorite go-to basics and jazz it up a little with a cute shoe or earring.

I wouldn’t have thought of this myself but a cute follower on Instagram messaged me and told me how I was encouraging her to go from looking homeless, to looking happy. How cute is that? I have SO been there… Those days where its been XX days since you washed your hair, and you may or may not have worn the same pair of leggings 3 days in a row. Being your best self is a decision you GET to make for yourself each day.

Set apart some time tomorrow morning to get dressed, do it then comment below and let me know how it goes. Better yet, hashtag #getdressedgirl on Instagram so we can all share in the fun! Find out if it eases your AM schedule to prepare for this by choosing an outfit or showering the night before. You are a work in progress and a beautiful one at that!

//Don’t forget to be awesome//




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